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Pure & Original Wallprim Pro Primer
From: £43.50
The essential Primer, apply before painting with Fresco or Marrakech paint
Pure & Original Eco Sealer
From: £17.50
Water based Varnish to seal and protect with a clear flat matt finish
Pure & Original Italian Wax
From: £19.95
Liquid Wax to seal and protect with a clear soft gloss finish
Carazzo Prim primer
The essential Primer to prepare the surface for the Carazzo finish.
Pure & Original Fresco Pro lime paint brush
Create Fresco Walls with the Fresco pure bristle Brush.
Pure & Original round tip paint brushes
From: £6.95
Professional paint brushes with a round tip for precision painting
Pure & Original Marrakech Walls Trowel
The essential tool to use creating the typical texture of Marrakech Walls
Pure & Original Flat Brushes
From: £6.99
Professional flat paint brushes made with dense natural bristle