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Pure & Original Wallprim Pro Primer
From: £43.50
The essential Primer, apply before painting with Fresco or Marrakech paint. It allows for good bonding and a durable finish.
Pure & Original Eco Sealer
From: £17.50
Clear drying and suitable for Classico, Fresco and Marrakech finishes. Matt finish, water based and deepens the colouring.
Pure & Original Italian Wax
From: £19.95
Liquid Wax to seal and protect with a clear soft gloss finish. Use on Marrakech or Fresco Walls, or furniture painted with Classico chalk paint.
Carazzo Prim primer
The essential Primer to prepare the surface for the Carazzo finish.
Pure & Original round tip paint brushes
From: £6.95
Professional paint brushes with a round tip for precision painting
Pure & Original Marrakech Walls Trowel
The essential tool to use creating the typical texture of Marrakech Walls
Pure & Original Flat Brushes
From: £6.99
Professional flat paint brushes made with dense natural bristle